Glasgow Southside Plasters

Project Pictures

October 2023 – Mr and Mrs Smillie, Clarkston

November 2023 – Mr and Mrs Stewart, Newlands

March 2024 – These photos were taken in an old Tenement on Paisley Road West. The client removed some tiles and the old plaster fell off the wall as it was so old, dry and crumbly.  After prepping the wall we dot dabbed the heavy sections then under coated the lighter parts then skimmed the wall with a finishing plaster

This wall was in an office building in Charing Cross which was being refurbished. The client wanted this particular wall plastered as it was pretty bad condition.

August 2023 – Renovating an old tenement in Mount Florida where the plaster was so old and crumbly that it had to be removed right back to the brick. The next stage is to dot and dab new plasterboard onto the walls and then finally plaster the walls and ceiling with gypsum multi finish.